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Settle in DeFi Exhibition Hall

1)How to become an exhibition project and open a booth?

The applicant's project must be a project deployed on BSC, and they need to provide relevant display materials for the booth.
Business Contact: [email protected]

2)Booth Introduction

Booth is equipped with:
· Billboard
SecondLive customizes 3D NFTs and puts them into a blind box machine for projects to increase user traffic. (Available to projects who join blind box and mining.)
Suggested size 580*830
PNG, JPG (less than 10 MB)
You cannot use a transparent background image
No restrictions on aspect ratio or shape
· Project Introduction Background Image
When users click on the Project Introduction image, it will redirect to the project’s homepage or introduction page.
Suggested size 280*350
Background wall color number
· Project Data Display Screen
Number of users, total transaction volume, etc. Projects only need to provide the API data to display.
· Blind Box Machine
SecondLive customizes 3D NFTs and blind boxes for projects to increase user traffic.
· Booth Staff (Optional)
Projects can arrange staff at the booth to answer project questions from users.

Settle in MVB Pavilion Hall

About MVB Pavilion
The MVB (Most Valuable Builder) pavilion is a span-new space jointly built by SecondLive and Binance Smart Chain. In the future, the pavilion will be used for MVB election, celebration, and display of past selected projects. Players can learn more about high-quality projects in SecondLive. Meanwhile, there are a variety of activities for project and user engagement.
The exhibition hall is divided into two layers:
  • 1st-floor: General project booth (100 places in total)
  • 2nd-floor: MVB project booth 1st-Floor Booth Application Entrance (project to apply or has applied MVB campaign): click here

Open Project Pavilion at SecondLive

We can build a Space for project on request in SecondLive metaverse. Email us if interested.
Business Contact: [email protected]