🌠Badge System

Growth Badge

  • Influencer Badge

    LV1 (followed by 50 ppl)\LV2 (followed by 100 ppl)\LV3 (followed by 500 ppl)\LV4 (followed by 1000ppl)\LV5 (followed by 100,00)

  • People Person Badge

    LV1 (totally follow 50 ppl )\LV2 ( totally follow 100 ppl)\LV3 ( totally follow 200 ppl)\LV4 (totally follow 500ppl)\LV5 (totally follow 1000)You can follow up to 10 ppl per day

  • Space Visit Icon Badge

    LV1 (visited 10 Spaces)\LV2 (visited 50 Spaces)\LV3 (visited 150 Spaces)\LV4 (visited 300 Spaces)\LV5 (visited 800 Spaces)(Note: repeated visits are also counted)Up to 10 visits could be counted per day

  • Clockin Icon Badge (on-chain clockin)

    LV1 ( totally clocked in 10 times)\LV2 (totally clocked in 50 times)\LV3 (totally clocked in 200 times) \LV4 ( totally clocked in 500 times)\LV5 (totally clocked in 1000 times)

  • Metaverse Fashion Icon Badge

    LV1 (own more than 5 Avatar NFT)\LV2 (own more than 20 Avatar NFT)\LV3 (own more than 50 Avatar NFT)\LV4 (own more than 100 Avatar NFT)\LV5 (own more than 200 Avatar NFT)(Note: the Avatar currently includes: tops, bottoms, socks, shoes, clothes suits/ one piece, accessories and hairstyles.)

  • NFT Collector Badge

    LV1 (transacted more than 5 times on SecondLive Marketplace)\LV2 (transacted more than 20 times on SecondLive Marketplace)\LV3 (transacted more than 50 times on SecondLive Marketplace)\LV4 (transacted more than 200 times on SecondLive Marketplace)\LV5 (transacted more than 500 times on SecondLive Marketplace)

  • Productive Avatar Creator Badge

    LV1 (published more than 30 works on IMO)\LV2 (publbished more than 100 works on IMO)\LV3 (published more than 200 works on IMO) \LV4 (published more than 300 works on IMO)\LV5 (published more than 500 works on IMO)

  • Popular Avatar Creator Badge

    LV1 (IMO work sales exceed 1 BNB)\LV2 (IMO work sales exceed 10 BNB)\LV3 (IMO work sales exceed 20 BNB) \LV4 (IMO work sales exceed 50 BNB)\LV5 (LV4 (IMO work sales exceed 100 BNB)

  • Referral Icon Badge

    LV1 (obtained ≥ 200 $BEAN referral rewards) \LV2 (obtained ≥ 500 $BEAN referral rewards) \LV3 (obtained ≥ 1,000 $BEAN referral rewards) \LV4 (obtained ≥ 5,000 $BEAN referral rewards) \LV5 (obtained ≥ 10,000 $BEAN referral rewards)

Fixation Badge

  • Metaverse Inhabitant Badge

    Enter and travel around more than 10 Space

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