Profit Model Adjustment

Dear SecondLive Inhabitants:

To guarantee a fair play atmosphere and game profit for most users, SecondLive decided to make adjustments to the reward mechanism of some BEAN. Details are as follows:

1. Personal Space Activity Output

Address(Space visitor) with SecondLive NFT: 5 BEAN * Space output efficiency/day

Address (Space visitor)without SecondLive NFT: 0.5 BEAN* Space output efficiency/day

Space output efficiency: [LV1:0.8 ] [LV2:0.9] [LV3:1.0] [LV4:1.1 ] [LV5:1.3]

2. User Activity Output

User's activity in Space will contribute to BEAN harvest to Space holders and themselves. The system will refresh it daily.

UserWithout SecondLive NFTWith SecondLive NFT



3 BEAN*NFTSpace output efficiency

NFT output efficiency: [LV1:0.8 ] [LV2:0.9] [LV3:1.0] [LV4:1.1 ] [LV5:1.3]

3. Jigsaw puzzle Output

Players are encouraged to:

  • Connect SecondLive account to Twitter

  • Connect to wallet address with valid balance

The output rules are as follows:


Connect Twitter+Address Balance๏ผž0


Connect Twitter

1.5 BEAN

Address Balance๏ผž0

1.5 BEAN

Disconnect Twitter+Address Balance๏ผœ0

1.5 BEAN


  1. SecondLive NFT: 0xAC1f9Fadc33cC0799Cf7e3051E5f6b28C98966EE

  2. If a user has multiple NFTs, default to select the highest level one.

  3. It's allowed to utilize NFTs on different addresses.

The adjustment action was initially a part of the SecondLive plan for the next stage. We have to move it up to now due to the continuous increase of spammers in recent while. We have NO tolerance for behaviors that commit against users' profits.

Moving forward, we will launch an honorable personal system as soon as possible. It is capable of generating an intelligent revenue index by algorithms based on multi-dimensions, including user's activity (e.g., SNS following, chit-chat frequency in SecondLive, contents sharing, etc.), personal assets (e.g., token value, NFT value, etc.), social web (e.g., ENS, Twitter, etc.) and so forth. The more genuine contribution, the higher income. This is the way. All the endeavor aims to create an even planet.

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