Avatar Introduction

SecondLive characters are built using a cross-platform 3D model format based on VRM, 3D human bone architecture, and specifically used to process 3D models of humanoid virtual characters (Avatars). In SecondLive, you can replace the default Avatar clothes and accessories with your own designs. You can make a single piece of clothing, a complete outfit, or anything in between. Shirts, pants, shoes, jewelry, hats, etc., in various forms.

Avatar Features

1. Flexible movement expression

All actions based on the humanoid specification can be reproduced on all SecondLive avatars (such as through motion capture)

2. Just one file

The system will integrate all character-related data, including textures, materials, etc., into one file and put it on the chain.

3. Emoticons

The characters in SecondLive world define general facial expressions such as joy, anger, sadness, fun, winking, and the vowels a, e, i, o, u. It also supports external control methods such as facial capture and audio lip-sync.

4. Multiple rendering methods

Supports MToon, Unlit, PBR three types of shaders, realistic material, Japanese-style two-dimensional, American-style cartoon, all capable.

5. Accurate and controllable gaze

Eyes and sightlines are the focus of attention on the face. Standardized control can ensure accurate and consistent sightlines of the model and supports three control methods.

6. With spring physics

The physical realization of the spring provided does not depend on the physics engine and is used to set the hair of the model, the fluttering of the clothes, etc.

7. Dedicated settings for terminal equipment

Provide XR, VR, and other equipment dedicated settings, including convenient VR helmet main viewing angle positioning, as well as solving the problem of blocking the line of sight caused by hair.

8. Built-in license information

In addition to having information such as name and author, it can adapt to the future direction of digital asset management.

Abundance Avatar Types Support

In addition to the Avatar that comes with the protocol, SecondLive is also compatible with other different types of Avatars. For example, if you have a CryptoPunk Avatar, you can generate a 3D CryptoPunk Avatar on SecondLive by staking the NFT of CryptoPunk.

Avatar's Accessories

In SecondLive, you can create Avatar accessories. Accessories are products that can be attached to Avatar bones. This means you have the ability to make watches, auras, wings, pets, anything! Power is in your hands. Just like furniture products can be added to Space, accessories can be added to characters.

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