Earn BEAN on SecondLive

1.Jigsaw puzzle Output

  • If your VP value is greater than 0, after completing the puzzle, you will get the puzzle income. The higher the VP value, the higher the puzzle income. (updated daily)

2.User Activity Output

User's activity in Space will contribute to BEAN harvest to Space holders and themselves. The system will refresh it daily.
Without SecondLive NFT
With SecondLive NFT
3 BEAN*NFTSpace output efficiency
The higher VP you have, the more BEAN you will get. ( specific calculation rules won’t be revealed)
VP reward distribution: Daily Snapshot 7:00-8:00 AM (UTC) Reward Distribution 8:00 AM (UTC)
NFT output efficiency: [LV1:0.8 ] [LV2:0.9] [LV3:1.0] [LV4:1.1 ] [LV5:1.3]

3.Personal Space Activity Output

After you create a personal space, you can invite friends to visit the personal space to generate BEAN income.
  • Address(Space visitor) with SecondLive NFT: 5 BEAN * Space output efficiency/day
  • Address (Space visitor)without SecondLive NFT(Excluding apparel NFTs): 0.5 BEAN* Space output efficiency/day
Space holder's extra BEAN income = 10% of BEAN income that visitors get * Space output efficiency
Space output efficiency: [LV1:0.8 ] [LV2:0.9] [LV3:1.0] [LV4:1.1 ] [LV5:1.3]

4.Bunty Output

Click Bunty in the upper right and take part in clock-in task, connecting twitter and then getting BEAN.