BSC DeFi Exhibition

BSC DeFi exhibition is the first post-modern multi-constructed VR space where players can create their own characters. SecondLive will create an event venue exclusive for the upcoming anniversary of Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This second world will provide a new blockchain experience to users with DeFi projects, blind boxes, liquidity mining, and more.

Exhibition Hall Introduction

The exhibition hall is mainly divided into four parts: Information Desk, Exhibition Booth, Mining Data Display Area, and Public Activity Space.

Information Desk: A place to solve related problems common to users

Exhibition Booth: The physical experience will be virtualized in the exhibition hall. Users can interact with the project at the booth in various ways and can claim the project’s limited 3D NFT blind boxes (Users can trade on SecondLive and participate in mining to gain profits.)

Mining Data Display Area: A place for users to check their mining dividends

Public Activity Space: A public area with screen information display area.

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