What is BEAN?

BEAN Token

Incentive tokens for userS in SecondLive, unlimited supply.

There are different roles in SecondLive, such as creator, operator and user. We encourage users to participate in the construction of SecondLive through BEAN and attract more users to join. After obtaining BEAN, you can stake them for LIVE.

There will be more than one ways to earn BEAN with variety of products offered.

The Output of Current BEAN

The output of BEAN: Once the Space created, it will produce BEAN automatically based on the activity status to bring income to the creator. The more active a Space is, the more BEAN will be produced.

Other outputs: Users can get BEAN incentives from playing games, chatting, working, AMAs, decorating Space and so forth.

Consumption of Current BEAN

SecondLive will provide a certain amount of LIVE every week (currently 100,000 LIVE) and the number will be modified with the increase of users and DAO governance. LIVE will be put into the income pool for the incentive of staking BEAN. Users can stake BEAN to get LIVE rewards. The BEAN in the income pool will be burned.

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