Upload Your Design

I Upload Your Design

  1. After completing all space editing, click “SecondLive” - ”Authorization” on the top of the page. Click “Get a creator token id” in the popup to connect SecondLive for a Secret Key.

2. Copy Secret Key and input it in the next popup. Click “Sign in” for the next step.

3.After signing in, you can see your SecondLive account information. Close the pop-up.

4.Click “SecondLive” - ”Space Panel” to upload resources.(*Space Creators have 10 upload opportunities per day.)

5. Click “New”.

6. Upload the space cover image and enter the name and other information of the space.

7.A Notice will popup if uploading successfully.

8. Next, you can view the space on the ”Creator Management” page of SecondLive.

9. Click “Preview” to view the space.

10. Click “Sell” to trade the space on SecondLive Marketplace.

11. Click “Delete” to delete the space.

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