Upload Your Design
Creators can upload their works to SecondLive Marketplace once they complete the design, where the works are tradable if approved.
*Avatar Creators have 10 upload opportunities per day.

Export .glb and Save Corresponding .pgn File

  • Cover Image Export Function
    • When users click the Export button to save glb file locally, a png image with the same name will be saved in the selected path simultaneously.
    • The png image can be used as the cover image when uploading works afterward.

Upload .glb and .png Files to SecondLive

  • Export .glb Resources
  • Export .glb file
  • After clicking Export button in editing status, there will be a system save popup window. Select a local position and click Save button, then the current designs would be saved as resources in .glb format.
  • Enter Secret Key to login SecondLive Creator Account
    • Login to the account.
    • Only by logging in to the Creator Account can users Upload designs.
    • Click the Login button and enter Secret Key, then complete the login.
    • The login status will be displayed in the top right corner of the page after the login is completed.


Upload Creating Resources

  • Upload Popup Window
    • After login, click Upload to Shop button, then Upload to SecondLive would pop up.
  • Steps to upload to SecondLive
    • Step 1: Select .glb file
      • Click Upload glb in the popup, and upload required glb resources in the local position.
    • Step 2: Choose the Cover
      • If the png cover has been exported before and has the same name as glb plus these two are in the same category, the corresponding png cover will be uploaded automatically when users upload glb.
      • If the png cover isnโ€™t uploaded automatically, users can click Upload Icon button in the popup to select a local png file to upload.
    • Step 3: Upload selected glb and png to SecondLive.
      • Click Now Upload button to upload.
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Export .glb and Save Corresponding .pgn File
Upload .glb and .png Files to SecondLive
Upload Creating Resources