🟣Tutorial for SL Marketplace Trilogy Challenge

This challenge consists of three phase tasks on the Marketplace, where participants must reach the required number of trades for each task. All trading orders for each task should be made using the designated "Go Now" links; otherwise, participants may not successfully claim rewards.

Note: The completion of tasks is based on the number of trade orders, not the number of items purchased per order. If multiple items are purchased in a single order, it will still only count as one trade.

Phase 1: Complete three transactions on the SecondLive secondary market to claim a Hairstyle NFT and receive a 10 $BEAN bonus. (Check your on-chain wallet for $BEAN transfers.)

As shown in the image below, you can purchase any item with a listed price.

Go Now:https://secondlive.world/marketplace/0

Phase 2: Complete three transactions on the SecondLive IMO market to claim another Hairstyle NFT and receive 20 $BEAN.

As shown below, you can purchase first-hand works released by creators.

Go Now:https://secondlive.world/marketplace/imo/list?tab=2

Phase 3: Complete ten more transactions on the SecondLive secondary market to claim a scarce Dance Space and receive 50 $BEAN.

Go Now:https://secondlive.world/marketplace/0

Get ready for a lively SL shopping spree, packed with exceptional and captivating finds!

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