SecondLive DAO

SecondLive DAO Modules

1. Proposal List

  • Users can access all proposals posted on Snapshot by SecondLive through SecondLive DAO’s proposal list and participate in polls.

2. Proposal Page

  • Users can go to the detail page of a proposal through the proposal list to get more information about this proposal and learn about a poll on it.

  • On the detail page, users can view their voting power after a proposal is created and participate in the poll.

3. Voting Power

  • Users can check their current voting power and its distribution by entering the Voting Power page.

  • Voting power calculation rules:

    • All the current SecondLive NFT holders can participate in voting, including Apartment NFT, Island NFT, Pet NFT, and Badge NFT.

    • The voting power varies in accordance with the level of NFT

      • Lv. S=1.3x, Lv. A=1.1x, Lv. B=1.0x, Lv. C=0.9x, Lv. D=0.8x

      • When there is no level attached to the NFT, the voting power equals the initial value of that NFT’s type.

    • Initial voting power for different types of NFT:

      • Apartment=1:800

      • Island=1:1600

      • Pet=1:100

      • Badge=1:30

Note: Due to an update of the contract, the NFT staked generating Space before Mar.15 needs to be withdrawn and re-staked. Then the owner can get voting power.

4. About Snapshot

  • Snapshot is an off-chain polling platform. It offers a freeway for token holders to vote on proposals. Snapshot ensures safe and fair results for votes by saving proposals and polls on IPFS as encrypted signing messages.

  • SecondLive DAO entrusts all proposals and pools to Snapshot. This enables DAO to record and store all proposals, polls and results in a safe and decentralized way. All results are shown on SecondLive DAO.

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