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About Mix Space NFTs Mystery Box

There are 3 NFT possibilities in the Mix Space NFTs mystery box: Crypto Space NFT, Rooftop Space NFT, and Ocean Pool Space NFT. Users will unlock one of them from tier D to tier S randomly.

In SecondLive, users can stake Space NFT to create a Space and get BEAN profits. The 3 kinds of NFT share the same output efficiency rules, and the details are as below:

Mix Space Activity Output

After creating a Mix space, you can invite friends to visit the Mix space to generate BEAN income.

Address(Space visitor) with SecondLive NFT: 5 BEAN * Space output efficiency/day

Address(Space visitor) without SecondLive NFT: 0.5 BEAN* Space output efficiency/day

Space output efficiency: [LV1:0.8 ] [LV2:0.9] [LV3:1.0] [LV4:1.1 ] [LV5:1.3]

Space holder's extra $BEAN income = 10% of $BEAN income that visitors get * Space output efficiency

Every week, 100,000 $LIVE will be distributed to $BEAN stakeholders. According to the stake ratio, the more $BEAN that are stakes, the more $LIVE will be gained. (the quantity of $LIVE output per week dynamically changes through SecondLive DAO governance in the future).

Support Feature for Crypto Space, Rooftop Space, and Ocean Pool Space

  • Inbuilt text messaging: users in the Space can chat by text.

  • Inbuilt voice chat: users in the Space can chat by voice call.

  • Inbuilt video play: users can play videos of their choices on the screen in the Space.

  • Cryptocurrency market display: Crypto Space exclusive

  • Inbuilt game: Jigsaw game is also added in the Island Space. 5 $BEAN can be generated once a day when users complete the game ( please refer to the output rules In the future, space holders can add various games and decorate their space as the product further improves.

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