What is needed to be a creator?

  • When applying, you need to provide previous design works for the reference of the SecondLive officials, and submit the form as required. Applicants with design experience will be preferred.

When will SecondLive's official team review applications and respond to applicants via email?

  • SecondLive’s official team reviews applications every weekday and will send emails to the approved ones within a day if they apply before 8:00 UTC.

Why haven’t applicants received the email from the SecondLive officials?

How to confirm that I have become a Creator?

  • If you get approved, the SecondLive officials will send an email to notify you to join the creator channel on Discord, and grant you creating permission. Then, the creation function will be added to your Creator homepage on the SecondLive website.

What is Secret Key?

  • It is Creator’s identity and is used to verify artwork submission.

How long will it take to get the Secret Key after joining the creator channel on Discord?

  • The SecondLive officials will grant creators creating permission in batches after they join the creator channel on Discord. Please wait patiently.

How to check that I have got the Secret Key?

What kind of creators can I apply? What are the differences?

  • There are two kinds of creators: Avatar Creator and Space Creator. Avatar creator requires no design expertise, but space creators should be able to use Unity. You can apply for both if you meet the requirements. There are detailed creating tutorials on the official website.

What should I do if I am interested in Space Creator but know nothing about Unity?

Do creators have to use SecondLive’s official editing tool to design?

  • Yes. Otherwise, the design work can’t be minted on SecondLive.

How to use SecondLive editing tools?

Why don’t I have the Creator Management page after becoming a Creator?

The works submitted by creators should meet the review criteria, including but not limited to the following:

  • Creative, aesthetic, and explicit, in line with the scope of works accepted by the creator program.

  • Comply with ethical standards, laws, regulations, and policies of the country where you are located.

What are the review criteria of SecondLive officials?

How can I know that the submitted artworks have been approved and will be listed on the SecondLive marketplace?

  • The approved artworks will be displayed on the Upcoming List on the SecondLive marketplace. The team is also working on product optimization to improve the notification system.

I submitted my design several days ago. Why is it not displayed on the website?

  • The SecondLive officials will review all submitted works at 8:00 UTC on daily basis and list approved ones to the Upcoming List section on the SecondLive marketplace page at 13:00 UTC every day.

    If your works aren’t displayed, please confirm whether you click “Sell” button or not. Tutorial:https://docs.secondlive.world/creator/avatar-creator/trade-your-artwork

Why don’t see my designs in the Upcoming List?

  • Just as the screenshot shows below, Click “>” button to view more listed works. SecondLive team is working on product optimization. There will be an exclusive module to display the creator’s design soon.

How to set the unit price?

  • You can refer to the latest deal prices of similar artwork or consult Mod.

Why can’t I claim the 25 $BEAN reward of daily task “Purchase one NFT in Marketplace” after successfully purchasing the creator’s design?

  • You can’t claim the reward if you buy an NFT design from the Upcoming List section since it’s the first transaction that does not meet the reward rules. The deal on the secondary market would meet the claim requirement.

Please consult the Mod in the creator channel on SecondLive Discord for more questions.

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