SecondLive Metaverse AMA Tutorial

SecondLive offers AMA services to partners, supporting them in community development and optimizing brand promotion and marketing. AMAs can be conducted in the dedicated SecondLive AMA Hall or within the partner's own Brand Space.

  1. Log in: Access the SecondLive Web, navigate to WORLD-AMA, and create a new AMA;

  1. Create AMA: Initiate an AMA by clicking "Create an AMA";

  1. Fill Details: Follow on-screen instructions to fill in essential AMA information; marked fields (*) are mandatory;

  1. Schedule AMA: When setting up your AMA, choose a venue and select a time slot on the calendar. Please pick a time slot within 1-7 days, starting 24 hours from now. We recommend an AMA duration of 1-3 hours.

  1. Set Lucky Draw Rewards: Click โ€œSet Customized Rewardsโ€, you can configure your Lucky Draw sponsorship. The sponsorship could be NFT, Credits, Token, Gift Cardsโ€ฆ

Note: When setting rewards, kindly write down the accurate reward name, quantities, and winner counts. e.g., Customized Reward Name: Space ID Gift Card

Total Reward Amount: 20 (It means that project sponsors 20 gift cards) Winner Amount: 10 (It means that a total of 10 lucky audiences will be selected during the AMA.)

  1. Submit AMA Application: Click "Submit" to submit the AMA application. After submitted successfully, the status will appear as "Upcoming."

  1. AMA Test:Two hours before the AMA, the host and speakers could enter the venue to test the mic and familiarize themselves with AMA features.

  • How to enter the venue**:**

    • Download the SecondLive Mobile APP.

    • Click the related AMA Banner in โ€œHot Spaceโ€ to enter the space; Or firstly enter SecondLive Square and enter the space ID or space name to search, e.g., "TripleC".

  1. Inside the Venue:

  • Left Area: Chat area for text feedback.

  • PIN function: Pin the necessary text.

  • Right Area: Mic control, Audience list, Raise hand button,and Lucky Draw Button.


Host controls: Invite and remove speakers by clicking on audience profiles.

Lucky Draw: Click the Lucky Draw button to initiate, and results display on the large screen.

  1. Post-AMA Actions: After the AMA concludes, revisit the AMA page. Click the AMA Title to review the data and distribute rewards based on the provided information.

Please submit reward distribution proof

  1. After the rewards distributed, please submit the reward distribution proof.

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