๐ŸŸฃParticipate in Mining to Earn LIVE Income

Once you earn a certain amount of BEAN by playing games, running Space as well as accomplishing required missions, you can participate in mining and stake your BEAN to earn LIVE tokens.

โ… . Click [MINING] to enter mining page.

โ…ก. Click [Stake] to earn LIVE.

Mining Rules๏ผš

1. Get $LIVE by staking $BEAN. The #mining pool will be refreshed once a week with rewards of 100,000 $LIVE. (The quantity of LIVE output per week will change dynamically through SecondLive DAO governance in the future.๏ผ‰

2. The staked $BEAN will be burned and cannot be withdrawn.

3. $BEAN can be transferred. Staking gets LIVE and burns it.

4.10% of the mining poolโ€™s output revenue will be used as support for the teamโ€™s technical development costs.


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