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Right now, here is an awesome opportunity for you to be a Superstar in web3 world. Wanna dip your toes in it?

Lasagna, as a web3-specific UGC kit, can help you be famous and obtain traffics! This UGC kit enables SecondLive usersโ€™ avatars to perform a fabulous dance show in a user-friendly manner, for example, a most popular dance. Basically, to give such a dance show may require a dancer with multi-year practice. But with Lasagna, it just takes you a few minutes to let your avatar make it. You might feel that thing goes easier in the web3 world than in the real world, don't you?

(Miso, a SecondLive Creator, has used Lasagna to make dance performances and held a metaverse concert.)

In the near future, SecondLive Creators can use Lasagna to produce MMD dance and list it on SecondLive Marketplace in the form of NFT, from which they can receive royalties. Besides, for general users of SecondLive, they can also utilize Lasagna to combine available dance NFTs with their avatar to compile a dance show. Once completed, their avatar can perform the dance in SecondLive metaverse. Moreover, Lasagna also supports video export, thus users can export the dance show and share it on social media.

Both the upcoming Lasagna and Gobeti launched half of a year ago, are SecondLiveโ€™s web 3 UGC tools, which cover the clothes design and dance performance. In the upcoming days, more creating tools will be continuously released by SecondLive Team, so the usersโ€™ creating experience will be greatly enriched.

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