🟣Attend the Metaverse Concert

SecondLive x Innocent Cats Hip-hop Concert Participation Tutorial

I. About Concert

SecondLive join hands with Innocent Cats to hold a first-ever pilot Metaverse Hiphop concert on BNB Chain. We are thrilled to have American rap star Quavo on stage, delivering peace and love in the wonderful SecondLive Metaverse world.

  • Time: 12:00 (UTC), Apr.15th, 2022

  • Venue: SecondLive Concert Stadium

  • Song List


    • Workin Me

    • Go All The Way

    • Paper Over Here

    • Strub Tha Ground

    • Go Off

    • Pass Out

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II. How to Participate

1. Sign up for SecondLive

Users have to sign up for SecondLive on the official website and download the SecondLive PC client in order to access the concert stadium. (Note: Applicable for new users. The registered account can skip it.)

👉 Create an Account

👉 PC Client Download

2. Get a Concert Ticket NFT

Users can buy a single concert ticket or become an Innocent Cats NFT holder to watch the show. Four methods to enter the concert:

  • Method 1: Become an Innocent Cats NFT holder

All Innocent Cats NFT holders can freely access to concert. Get a cat >>

  • Method 2: Get a ticket from Binance NFT Marketplace

Ticket NFT for this concert will be sold on Binance NFT Marketplace. The amount available is limited. First come, first served.

Ticket Purchase((Open April 10th)):👉 Binance NFT

  • Method 3: Get a ticket from SecondLive Marketplace

Buy a ticket from SecondLive Marketplace.

Ticket Purchase (Open April 7th): 👉 Market

  • Method 4: Get a ticket from Whitelist Campaign

    • How to win a whitelist spot: please join SecondLive Discord or official Telegram and get more information from the community admin.

    • How to claim a whitelist ticket NFT: Once you have acquired a whitelist spot, please click Claim button on the ticket collection page(Open April 7th, one adress can claim one whitelist spot/ticket):👉 Claim

  • View my NFTs

3. Watch the Show

Once you have claimed your ticket NFT successfully, you are eligible to enter the virtual stadium when the show starts. Steps as follows:

  • Step 1: Log on to SecondLive official website, dress up your Avatar with Innocent Cats uniform.

  • Step 2: Find Quavo Show under Event menu, click ENTER to wake up the virtual stadium in the PC client.

  • Step 3: Now you are in the 3-floor stadium. The concert will officially start after the countdown. You can access different floors as you wish and choose your favorite spot for watching. The ballroom is on the ground floor. Let’s dance when Quavo takes the stage!

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