Personal Space Income Standard Introduction

Users with Personal Space NFTs can create personal Space in SecondLive, and whenever someone is active in the Personal Space, BEAN would be produced (BEAN can be staked for LIVE).

Space Active Standard: When a user enters the Space and stays online for more than 3 minutes, it would be counted as a valid active user, the owner of the Space can get 5 BEAN. Each user could only be counted as one valid active user every day, and the activity data will be refreshed at 8:00 UTC the next day.

Address (Space visitor) with SecondLive NFT: 5 BEAN * Space output efficiency/day

Address(Space visitor) without SecondLive NFT: 0.5 BEAN* Space output efficiency/day

Space holder's extra BEAN income = 10% of BEAN income that visitors get * Space output efficiency

Space output efficiency: [LV1:0.8 ] [LV2:0.9] [LV3:1.0] [LV4:1.1 ] [LV5:1.3]

Every week, 100,000 LIVE will be distributed to BEAN stakeholders. According to the stake ratio, the more BEAN staked, the more LIVE will be gained. (the quantity of LIVE output per week will change dynamically through SecondLive DAO governance in the future).

In the future, SecondLive will support users to design Personal Space according to their own preferences.

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