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At SecondLive, we believe that the course of creating new content should come as naturally as chatting, sharing thoughts, and making connections. Everyone has the potential to create and users should be able to share their work the way practitioners and specialists do. Thatโ€™s why we started the SecondLive Creator Programme.

Our Creator Tools are highly adaptable for creation.You can use them to create various things, for example,

By using our Space Editing Tool, you can decorate a birthday party with balloons, cupcakes, gift boxes and beverages, build a dancing floor for heated fun, or design a comfortable sofa for chilling and chatting.

By using our Avatar Editing Tool, you can design jewelry and outfits to meet your fashion design needs.

In short, we offer you an open creation platform in SecondLive world where you can design sweaters, gowns, wedding rings, sunglasses, heels, sneakers, etc. More importantly, you can sell your designs and profit from your creations.

SecondLive Creator Programme meets every user at their style and level. You can be a 2D artist or a 3D expert. No matter what your artistic and stylistic approach is, you can use our free Creator Tools (i.e. Space Editing Tool, Space Decoration Tool, Avatar Editing Tool - Gobeti) to create/self-define textures and meshes of your work, import materials, derive new works from existing designs, and submit your works to the shop. Creator Tools enables users to carry out their ideas and to further dig into their vast pool of creativeness.

Creators can create an unlimited amount of items for sharing and selling. Creators can get maximum 10% royalties from each successful sale. Furthermore, you can make themselves known by building communities that center around your works. Your digital business will be blooming before you even realize it.

If you want to further expand the possibilities that youโ€™ve done on SecondLive, or, if you want to be an artist and design your own clothes and spaces, please join and explore our SecondLive Creator Programme! Itโ€™s very easy:

Step 1: Create a SecondLive account

Step 2: Apply for a creator whitelist spot

Step 3: Download and install creatorsโ€™ tools

Step 4: Submit your work, and apply for the public listing

Follow the steps above to start a fantastic creative journey!

What are you waiting for? Join SecondLive Creator Community Now!

No matter what your level is, our creator community has something to offer! You can customize your avatar, create works for sale, and design a chatting room experience for your friends and yourself. Please join us now!

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We encourage you to visit the SecondLive Creator page for more information. Become a part of a vigorous community of artists, authors, programmers, engineers and fashion lovers!

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