Voting Power Reward Task Tutorial

I. Enter Marketplace to purchase designated NFT(s).

Only by purchasing NFT Space, Pet, or Badge can you obtain the Voting Power.

Note: Only purchasing these 5 types of Space including Apartment, Crypto Space, Island Space, Ocean Pool Space and Rooftop Space, can you enjoy the VP rewards. You won't get any VP rewards for buying other types of Space.

How to make a purchase?

  • Select one item under the above NFT classifications and view for more details;

  • Select a seller and click Buy, then your wallet will be connected. Please confirm all the details before proceeding with any payments;

  • After a successful payment, you can view your NFT(s) in My Collection under Account page.

II. Snapshot at 7:00 UTC

Your collections will be taken in a daily snapshot at 7:00 UTC. With your purchased NFT(s), you can play a round of Jigsaw Puzzle after 7:00 UTC.

III. Enter Space to Play Jigsaw Puzzle Game

  1. Click Space page and choose one Space to enter;

2. Click Enter and find the Jigsaw Puzzle Game;

3. Click Play. You will win once you pass all three levels;

4.After completing the game, you can return to Mission Center to claim.

IV. Claim VP Reward in Mission Center

Back to the Mission Center, you can see Voting Power Reward under Daily Task. Click Claim to obtain the reward.

You can look through $BEAN details in your Wallet under your Account.

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