Mannequin Challenge


Mannequin Challenge is a PvP game. After users enter the game, the system will match up random opponents and start the game once the match is completed.

Game Rules

1.How to play?

The players will need to move from starting line to the destination within 80 seconds. If players fail to stand still at certain moments during the game or fail to reach the finish line before the time is up, the game is over.

2.How to move?

When the doll shouts out the game password with its back turned to players, the participants can move forward. When the doll stops shouting and turns around, the participants should stand still. Anyone who is detected moving by the doll will be eliminated immediately.

3.When to play?

The game will open to play at 04:00 ~ 04:30 UTC 12:00 ~ 12:30 UTC 20:00 ~ 20:30 UTC on daily basis.

4.Whatโ€™s the reward?

The winners can earn 10 BEAN rewards per day once they complete the game.

Game Interface

Wait to Start

Players will be waiting for the auto-match when entering the game.

Ready to Start

Players will see a countdown when the match is completed.

Start to Play

When the game starts, the players can move forward following the audio command.

Game Over

The players will be knocked out if they fail.

The players win BEAN rewards if they succeed.

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