Island Space

About Island Space Mystery Box

There is one NFT in the Island Space mastery box: Island Space NFT, which will be unlocked from tier D to tier S randomly when the users open it.

In SecondLive, users can stake Island Space NFT to create an Island Space and get BEAN profits. Below is a list of output efficiency generated by different tiers of Island Space:

Island Space Income Standard Description

Users holding Island Space NFT can create Island Space on SecondLive. BEAN will be generated whenever there are active users in the Island Space (LIVE can be acquired by staking BEAN).

Space Active Standard: When a user enters the Space and stays online for more than 3 minutes, it is defined as a valid active user, and the owner of the Space can get 5 BEAN as a reward. Each user can only count as a valid active user once a day. The user status will be refreshed the next day at 8:00 am UTC.

Address(Space visitor) with SecondLive NFT: 5 BEAN * Space output efficiency/day

Address(Space visitor) without SecondLive NFT: 0.5 BEAN* Space output efficiency/day

Space output efficiency: [LV1:0.8 ] [LV2:0.9] [LV3:1.0] [LV4:1.1 ] [LV5:1.3]

Space holder's extra $BEAN income = 10% of $BEAN income that visitors get * Space output efficiency

Every week there will be a total of 100,000 LIVE distributed to BEAN stakeholders. According to the stake ratio, the more BEAN staked, the more LIVE will be obtained. (In the future, the amount of LIVE generated each week will change dynamically with SecondLive DAO governance).

Island Space Support Feature

Inbuilt text messaging: users in the Space can chat by text.

Inbuilt voice chat: users in the Space can chat by voice call.

Inbuilt video play: users can play videos of their choices on the screen in the Space

Inbuilt game: Jigsaw game is also added in the Island Space. 15 BEAN can be generated once a day when users complete the game ( please refer to the output rules). In the future, space holders can add a variety of games and decorate their space as the product further improved.

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