User Guide for Calzone

The Calzone serves as a valuable assistant for users engaged in space scene editing and decoration item creation. Its functions are categorized into two main sections:

  • Space Editing

  • Blank Decoration Template Editing

Users can seamlessly switch between these functions using the tabs as shown below.

Space Editing

Pull Space

Please login with your SecondLive account)To pull a space to edit its scene, you need to login first. The initial login page is as shown below.

Upon logging in, your "My Space" will be automatically pulled here for editing, as displayed below.If you haven't created any space in "My Space," this section will be empty, requiring you firstly to create a space.(Create a space:

  • Click the "Refresh Data" button in the top right corner to synchronize your space data (e.g., if you create a new space on the website but it doesn't appear in Calzone, click refresh).

  • After login, you need to click the space icon to retrieve scene data. Once retrieved, clicking the icon again will allow you to enter the space.

Inside the Space Scene

Once inside a space scene, the interface will appear as shown below.

You can use the WSAD keys to control the camera's movement, and right-click to control the camera's elevation.

  • The interface's top-left corner hosts three buttons, from left to right: the Scene Menu button, Space Data Save button, and Preview button.

    • The Scene Menu button expands to show options:

  • Return My Space(to return to homepage)

  • Import Space Files (to import locally saved space archive data)

  • Export Space Files (to export an archive of the edited Space to local storage)

  • NFT Download Path

    • Space Data Save button

    This button corresponds to the 'Save' button within the previous web decorator. It synchronizes edited space data online.

    • Preview button

    • After clicking Preview, you can view the space from a third-person perspective for preview, as shown below.

    In preview mode, press the "ESC" key of your keyboard to activate the mouse cursor and click the 'X' in the top right corner of this page to exit.

Sidebar Tools Detail

The left sidebar contains a set of editing tools, including:

  • Move: After selecting an object, you can change its position by dragging it along the three axes, as shown below:

  • Rotate: After selecting an object, you can adjust the rotation angle by dragging the three-axis disk, as shown below:

  • Scale: Upon selecting an object, you can change the object's size by stretching it along the three axes, as shown below:

  • Undo: This function allows you to revert to the last editing operation.

  • Delete: Eliminate the selected object from the scene, and it will return to the object list.

  • The web decorator's "feature" component group functions remain unaltered. The components include:

  • NFT Component: After dragging it into your scene, you can add a NFT by inputting its URL through the editing panel.

  • Image Component: You can add an image by entering its URL and adjust the background color on the editing panel.

  • Music Component: You can add a piece of music by entering its MP3 link, enter into 3D sound mode, and edit the audio range through the editing panel.

  • Text Component: Edit the text content, text color, and background color through the editing panel.

  • Space Component: Transit door, allowing configuring a Space ID through the editing panel, which enables avatars to be instantly teleported to the configured space. e.g. the combo brand space link is , then its Space ID is 16716.

  • This component defines the spawn point for characters when in the "preview" mode in the editor.

  • VCR Screen: This component functions as a video streaming tool. It is utilized by event hosts to broadcast screen content, including the image banner (simply input the image URL, and you can display the banner on the screen). Additionally, if an active video stream is available, the screen will display the live streaming video; otherwise, it will show the pre-configured cover image.

To the right, you'll find the Decoration Item List, displaying NFT items purchased from SecondLive Marketplace and the items you got through editing blank decoration templates within Calzone.

To use a newly acquired item in the List, click its icon to download. Once downloaded, the item count will be displayed. You can then drag these items into the scene and adjust their positions using the tools in the left toolbar.

Blank Decoration Template Editing

  • This feature allows you to edit the built-in blank decoration templates, export their GLB files and mint them as the decoration items.

  • The minted decoration items can be saved within your account and will be accessible in the Decoration Item List, allowing you to edit your space.

To access the "Blank Decoration Template Editing" mode, click the "Sofa" tab on the top right sidebar.

The basic operations are similar to using Gobeti: select a blank template and click "Edit" to enter the editing interface.

Texture Size and Color AdjustmentsYou can edit different parts of the blank template by selecting the texture you want to modify:

  • Adjust the texture's "Size" by clicking on the leftmost button (1);

  • Import an image to a selected part by clicking the "texture import" button at the bottom-right (3). You can resize the image by dragging its borders (2).

  • Fine-tune the texture's "Rotation" (4), "Transparency" (5), and "Tiling Units" (6) as needed.

  • Use the leftmost "Color Palette" tool to adjust the texture's "Color."

Blank Decoration Template File Menu

In the top-left corner, you'll find the file-related options for the blank template. As shown below:

  • "Open" allows you to open a locally saved blank decoration template file;

  • "Save" and "Save As" are used to save the current blank template's archive locally;

  • "Publish" lets you mint an already edited decoration item to your logged-in account, whose GLB file has been exported;

  • "Export GLB" exports the GLB file of the currently edited decoration item.

Decoration Item GLB File Export:

Click "Export GLB" in the top-left menu to open the GLB export window, as shown below:

Fill in the GLB name and click "Export" button to create the GLB file along with corresponding icon image.

Decoration Item Mint

Click "Publish" in the top-left menu to open the minting window.

The page displays the icons of the decoraiton items whose GLB files have been already exported. Select one and click "Mint".

Enter the minting details, including the name, description, mint chain (currently only BNBCHAIN is available), and mint quantity (1-10).After this, click "Mint" and wait briefly for a successful mint. If the model is successfully minted, you can find it in your "My Collections." (My Collections:

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