Personal Space

โ… . Introduction to Personal Space

On October 19th, SecondLive will officially launch its Personal Space.

In the SecondLive Metaverse, Personal Space is a very important module, and everyone can have their own Personal Space. Personal Space is not only the user's habitat in the second world, but also has a very powerful attribute, which is similar to a "large mining machine". The Space NFT holders can create Space and obtain LIVE (SecondLive Token) continuously. The better the Personal Space is operated, the more LIVE will be obtained.

In the future, the Space level will be automatically upgraded and downgraded according to the operating conditions of the holders.

โ…ก. How to Obtain Personal Space NFTs

Click on the link ( to complete relevant tasks and the top 1,000 people are invited to get the first batch of Personal Space NFTs on SecondLive.

Whitelist activity time: 13:00 OCT 14 - 8:00 OCT 19, UTC

Personal Space creation time๏ผš13 :00 OCT 19, UTC

Users will soon be allowed to design personal Space according to their preferences after the SecondLive editor goes online.

โ…ข. Roles of Personal Space NFT

  1. Users who hold Space NFTs can create Personal Space, which is equivalent to the owner's property in the Metaverse. Space is usersโ€™ personal assets, which can be decorated and inhabited.

  2. Personal Space NFTs are similar to a property deed or key. It is the ownership certificate of Space and the future income generated in Space.

  3. The second attribute of Personal Space is like a "large mining machine". In the Metaverse world, according to the activeness of the personal room, users could obtain profit in โ€œBEANโ€ (BEAN can be staked for LIVE).

  4. Personal Space NFTs can be used to make transactions and transfer accounts.

โ…ฃ. Personal Space Income Standard Description

Users with Personal Space NFTs can create Personal Space in SecondLive, and whenever someone is active in the Personal Space, BEAN would be produced (BEAN can be staked for LIVE).

Space Active Standard: Every time a user enters the Space and stays online for more than 3 minutes, it is counted as a valid active user, the owner of the Space can get 5 BEAN. Each user can only be counted as one valid active user every day, and the activity data will be refreshed at 8:00 UTC the next day.

Address(Space visitor) with SecondLive NFT: 5 BEAN * Space output efficiency/day

Address(Space visitor) without SecondLive NFT: 0.5 BEAN* Space output efficiency/day

Every week, 100,000 LIVE will be distributed to BEAN stakeholders. According to the stake ratio, the more BEAN that are stakes, the more LIVE will be gained. (the quantity of LIVE output per week dynamically change through SecondLive DAO governance in the future).

In the future, SecondLive will support users to design Personal Space according to their own preferences.

โ…ค. Built-in Game of Personal Space

Jigsaw puzzles have been added to the first batch of Personal Spaces. With the improvement of the product, users can add various games to their Space and make decorations for it.

Jigsaw Puzzle Instructions

  1. The jigsaw puzzle is divided into five levels, including 8 pieces, 16 pieces, 24 pieces, 36 pieces and 48 pieces.

  2. When the user enters the game for the first time each day, he/she needs to play the game according to the order of the levels. Each level must be passed to open the next level to continue the game.

  3. When the user passes a level, the best performance on that day will be displayed below that level.

  4. Users can enter a passed level repeatedly on the same day, and refresh their top scores of that level on that day.

  5. Users will receive BEAN rewards when they pass all levels for the first time every day.

  6. A ranking list will be accumulated according to the best time of all levels each day, and rewards will be granted on the next day.

Note: For users using multiple accounts scripts or tampering with XML or game files, SecondLive has the right to cancel account assets.

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