🟣Three ways to obtain clothes in SecondLive

There are three ways to get yourself clothes in SecondLive, which are as follow:

First way: if you are the BAB Token holder, you can directly free mint the clothes, which is also the activity jointly held by SecondLive and BNB Chain. More info to free mint:https://medium.com/@SecondLiveReal/secondlive-open-reward-claim-for-bab-token-holders-a95e4f6e85cd

Second way: you can directly purchase the clothes on SecondLive Marketplace. There are kinds of original clothes and accessories for you to choose. Go and purchase them:https://secondlive.world/marketplace

Third way: you can keep a close eye on SecondLive campaigns. A series of clothes free mint events will be randomly released for Metaverse inhabitants. Looking forward to your participation! More campaign info on SecondLive Event Page:https://secondlive.world/event

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